Introducing TeleMetrix

The only real-time, end-to-end RPM and cRPM data feed and analysis solution integrated into an EMR

How Telemetrix Helps You Deliver Care

TeleHealth Offerings

At-home Offerings

In-patient Visits

Digital Health Integrations

Telemetrix provides continuous outreach to your patient population to improve patient outcomes and to reduce cost and inefficiencies. Our virtual health integrations and enablement tools are designed and create an end-to-end platform allowing for increased patient outcomes and provider efficiencies.

Patient Loyalty, Visibility And Commitment

Care Guidance

Revenue Cycle Management

Data Curation

EHR Integration

Integrated Billing

The Telemetrix Exchange

Telemetrix allows for health systems, hospitals, primary care providers, and multi-site facilities to integrate all of their patient offerings, collect them in the EHR and efficiently deploy them to the right member of the clinical or support team.

We sit between our approved or your medical devices to tabulate and format the data and analysis to provide it to your clinicians.

Patient Values Dashboard

Clinician can monitor all daily recorded patient health data - if any values are abnormal, clinician can contact patient for telemedical or in-person examination.

Our Clients & Partners Include

Telemetrix Is EHR Agnostic, Allowing All Your Data And Inputs To Be Filtered, Analyzed, And Integrated Into Your EHR

Telemetrix provides multiple points to engage your patients across all health lines. Your native dashboards allow clinicians to evaluate all health data in their usual format.

Why Telemetrix

The Impact That Telemetrix Provides: An RPM Case Study

How Telemetrix Improved Patient Outcomes And Care Delivery Processes

Telemetrix provides multiple points to engage your patients and works across all health lines. Your native dashboards allow clinicians to evaluate all health data in their usual format.






Admission Change


Readmission Change


ED Visit Change


Office Visit Change

The Full Stack Technology Offering To Integrate With Your EHR And Patient Platforms

1 Organizational Goals

TMX uses technology and empowering data to drive the high-level organizational goals of your business.

2 Physician Happiness

Support and patient analytics/ insights to keep your physicians focused on what they do best.

3 Patient Outcomes

Providing devices and engagement to allow your patients to help control their own outcomes.

Why Telemetrix Is Right For You

  • Maximizing your investment in your EHR and Patient Platforms.
  • Leverages existing workflows, minimal to no new training for clinical and support staff.
  • Improving patient outcomes through high patient engagement.
  • Improved Medical Loss Ratio due to reduced readmissions.
  • Happier, healthier patients by meeting them where they are and making them their own advocates.

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