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Our team is led by industry experts who have held senior positions at some of the largest healthcare companies in the world and have a track record for managing and scaling healthcare enterprises. We all believe in advancing healthcare technology to improve outcomes.


Of Collective Experience Working On And Within Epic

Our Founder played a pivotal role in expanding Epic from 800 employees and $150 million in revenue to nearly 14,000 employees and $5 billion in revenue, making it the largest global electronic medical records company in the world.

Burley Wright


Burley Wright has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in healthcare. He has focused on general operations planning and execution, sales and customer service, fiscal management, billing practices, staff management, nonprofit organizations, and is a leader in state and federal healthcare and OSHA compliance. Burley founded his first company at 23. As its CEO he maintained growth, development and educational opportunities for over 100 employees in a “high turnover rate” industry of private ambulance transportation. After growing the business to annual revenues over $7MM in less than three years, he orchestrated a successful corporate exit. Burley continued in the healthcare space with a start-up focused on telehealth and behavioral medicine and sold that venture in 2014. Burley has been seated on the board of advisors to multiple healthcare companies that equate to roughly $1B in overall profits and has spent time investing in healthcare real estate. Burley assisted Dr. Shillingstad in the development of Telemetrix in 2019.

Nancy Beale, PhD, RN-BC


A healthcare professional for more than 38 years, Dr. Beale’s experience spans clinical care, operations, vendor relationships, consulting, and IT operations. Nancy was recognized as the 2019 HIMSS-ANI Nursing Informatics Leader of the Year. She currently serves as the President of Telemetrix and Affiliates. Her past executive experience includes leading clinical systems and integration for a large academic health system. This includes achievements such as HIMSS-6, HIMSS-7, HIMSS-Davies Award, and several innovation partnerships.

Nancy has been involved in the development of an offshore partnership and led the clinical systems implementation of a digital hospital in Manhattan. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a focus on clinical technology adoption and a minor in human factors and design thinking. She also received her master’s degree in nursing, emphasizing Health Systems and Healthcare Informatics, and is board-certified in nursing informatics.

Professionally, Nancy is the co-chair of the Alliance of Nursing Informatics (ANI) and a past co-chair for the Midwest Nursing Research Society-Health Systems, Policy & Informatics research interest group. Dr. Beale has been a member of the IHE Board of Directors, the National Burden Reduction Collaborative, and the Nursing Knowledge Big Data workgroup. She has also served as the policy co-coordinator for the ANI and as the past chair of the HIMSS Nursing Informatics committee. Furthermore, she has held leadership roles in the Wisconsin Region of AWHONN.

Nancy holds memberships in various professional organizations including AONL, ACHE, AMIA, ANA, ANIA, AWHONN, HIMSS, MNRS, and Sigma Theta Tau. Throughout her career, she has formed partnerships with IT professionals, vendors, and clinicians. She has guided systems strategy and clinical transformation while also overseeing integration with revenue cycle systems and operations. Her diverse experiences have positioned her as a notable executive in healthcare IT.

Bret Shillingstad, MD, FACS

Founder, CMO

For nearly 14 years Dr. Shillingstad served as Epic’s Medical Director in charge of Clinical Informatics in Verona, Wisconsin. Thanks to many of Dr. Shillingstad’s contributions Epic now supplies its EMR software to hospitals totaling 59% of all U.S. hospital beds, nearly 50% of all U.S. Physician’s Offices (300,000 physician offices), and 75% of the retail walk in clinic market including CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and Target. Dr. Shillingstad’s role at Epic entailed sales and marketing, clinical optimization, physician engagement, software demonstrations, assisting in clinical software development, research and reporting, clinical alerts, voice recognition, pre go-live audits, and post-live visits. Dr. Shillingstad has also written a book on physician optimization and gives many talks to clinicians, project teams, and hospital leadership regarding Electronic Health Records, Remote Patient Monitoring, and Chronic Care Management.

Dr. Shillingstad is a Board-Certified, General Surgeon trained at Mount Sinai Medical Center, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, and the University of New Mexico School of Medicine.

Michael J. Walters Jr.

Chief Growth Officer

Strategic sales professional with a proven and successful sales track record of more than 20 years within the healthcare industry. Recognized for his numerous sales achievements, Michael brings sales leadership, industry expertise along with strategic relationships with some of the largest healthcare systems and payors in the U.S. As an agile leader, Michael is known for driving growth and profitability with expertise selling technology solutions for both startup and fortune 500 organizations. His unique customer centric style combined with strong contract management and negotiation skills has allowed him to deliver over $125 million in revenue to the organizations he’s been a part of throughout his career. Michael is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and after completing his service, he earned his Bachelor of Business Marketing Degree.

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