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Telemetrix provides continuous outreach to your patient population to improve patient outcomes and to reduce cost and inefficiencies.

Strategic Partnerships With Multiple Digital Health Solutions

Our Suppliers Complete Our End-To-End RPM Solutions

Telemetrix is both EHR and device agnostic. This allows for your patients to use any device and Telemetrix will collect all of the data and inputs, to be filtered and then analyze and deploy that data into your EHR.

Large Selection Of Bluetooth Devices


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Telemetrix RPM: Integrates Seamlessly Into Existing EMRs

  • Patient health data is fed directly into the existing clinician’s EMR, meaning their workflow is completely unchanged—our system is plug and play for both patient and provider.

  • Integration is performed internally through a proprietary instance of Epic which feeds data in real-time.

  • Utilizing our team’s expertise in Epic’s platform, we can create custom alerts and best practice notifications, so the provider knows when specific metrics are filed into the system; all while upholding Meaningful Use. Proprietary analytics, automated billing, and personalized alerting are unique to Telemetrix.

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