Engagement Process

Telemetrix provides continuous outreach to your patient population to improve patient outcomes and to reduce cost and inefficiencies.

Telemetrix Provides Asynchronous, Real Time Data Engagement To Allow You To Have Access To True Health Data

Telemetrix provides multiple points to engage your patients and works across all health lines. Your native dashboards allow clinicians to evaluate all health data in their usual format.

01 )

Hospital/SNF Discharge

Patient Discharged with:

  • CHF

  • AMI

  • Stroke

  • Hip/Knee

  • Other

Analytics segmentation & import into Cloud system for management of call schedules, scripts & escalation protocols

02 )


4-week program Live Call/Text

Assistance RPM setup Assesment:

  • Discharge Instruction

  • Medications

  • Recovery

  • Diagnosis Questions

  • Appointment

  • Service/Patient experience

Daily reviews RPM readings

On-demand virtual visits

03 )


Tier 1

  • TMX RN

  • Virtual Assist

Tier 2

  • In-home visit

  • Nurse Navigator EMT-B / EMT-P

04 )

Physician Consult

Tier 3

  • Physical or hospital intervention

  • Service or complex requirement

  • Call, virtual visit or appointment

05 )

Follow Up

Transition to ongoing patient engagement

  • AWV (annual)

  • CCM (monthly)

  • Care Plan MGMT

  • Care gap closure

  • Preventative screening

  • RPM (daily)

  • Patient education & consultation

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